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Willie Taggart Fired

After the Florida State Seminoles were defeated by the Miami Hurricanes ,27-10, coach Willie Taggart was dismissed from the Seminole family. After the inconsistency seen by the Seminoles football team, FSU’s administration let Taggart go without hesitation after less than two seasons. Who will replace Taggart? How can the Seminole’s begin their rebuild? What will it take? Well, for now ,Odell Haggins, defensive line coach at FSU will take over as head coach until a replacement is found, this isn’t a surprising position for Haggins to be in considering this same situation occurred at Texas A&M where Haggins had to step in as head coach. The Seminole’s have three games remaining beginning this Saturday with Boston college, then moving forward to Alabama State, and finally University of Florida. With only three games left, FSU needs to win two of the three games in order for eligibility to participate in a bowl. Taggart leaves with full support to the Florida State Seminoles as he tweets “...I am disappointed in the decision today as I believe our future is bright at Florida state...” as he continues to speak of this factor he begins to thank the student athletes along with the coaching staff of Florida State. “...On behalf of my family and I, we wish Florida State nothing but the best and will be cheering on the Seminole’s the rest of the way,” These being Taggarts final words as he steps away from a remaining four year contact with still being owed $18 million for his unfinished work.

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