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Wild Thing...

Photo From:Sky News

After captivating the world with his unusual style of play, energetic celebrations, and dissimilar personality, tennis sensation Nick Kyrgios continues to exhibit his original character for the world to digest.

Kyrgios' U.S. Open run was put to a stop by Armenian-Russian tennis player Karen Khachanov who was then defeated by Casper Ruud of Norway in the semifinals. Kyrgios quickly became the favorite after impressively taking out the number one seed star Daniil Medvedev, but was only defeated the next round leaving him disappointed in his performance, knowing he had more to show.

Putting on a show is easy for Kyrgios, it's who he is. But sometimes the lights get too bright as we witness him lose his cool or even look carefree being the main reason the tennis community has labeled him as the “Wild Thing.” As some tennis fans continue to spit him for his unorganized, rebel-like play, he has excited a majority of the faction because of the originality he has brought to the game.

He has the young generation of tennis fans wrapped around his finger.

Photo From: New York Post

When I am asked to describe Kyrgios in a single word, passion is the one I believe describes him perfectly. When he wins, you can see the excitement and fight on his face, in his body language. The same thing goes for when he loses, you notice the heartbreak, and anger that he carries.

After his U.S. Open loss, Kyrgios hands his head low as he expresses how he “feel(s) like I’ve let so many people down… It’s just devastating. Like, it’s heartbreaking. Not just for me, but for everyone that I know that wants me to win.” After smashing his racquet and screaming for the jam-packed arena to witness.

Over his years as a professional tennis player, Nick Kyrgios has been required to pay around $544,000 in fines. Yes, you read that correctly, $544,000. While many would take that information as a mockery of the sport, I call it passion. He cares. He brings a side to professional tennis that is clearly missing. His opponents come to each match expecting the chaos they aren't used to, and his unmatched stamina to consistently chirp and entertain all while trying to win creates ambivalent conversations.

Photo From: News24

For the casual fans of tennis, he grasps them closer to the sport, and gives them a reason to watch. Quickly catching the attention of those who had a hard time sitting through a single set. His raggedy, rebellious appearance screams bad boy, making him a gen-z favorite.

Photo From: Tennis365

So, yes, he's entertaining, but does he have enough to get the job done? He has never won a singles major, nor has he won any tournament since 2019. After generating a new level of social media views, Tennis spectators still question the actual skill level and consistency Nick has, and if it is enough to bring home championships. In my opinion, after watching it for years, we have seen tremendous growth in his deceptive quick action, his intense forehand, and his deadly serve. Although young stars continue to arise, 27-year-old Kyrgios is proving that he has what it takes to be placed among the best of the game. He already thinks he has it, his confident self will keep him relevant for as long as he wishes. I think it's just a matter of time until he proves he is good enough until he shocks the world and brings home a championship he was counted out for.

Photo From: ABC

So yes, he is undeniably himself, he will always be an easy player to hate. As some greats believe he is good for the game, for the new generation of tennis, we will never get rid of the many who would rather have him put up a front and just play tennis. But sorry, that isn't him, and he isn't going to change for anybody, even if it means risking his success.

“I’ve got bad and good things, but I'm never going to change.” -Nick Kyrgios

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