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What does the future look like for the Philadelphia 76ers?

Photo from The New York Times

With a new organization president and coach, what should we expect from the Philadelphia 76ers? Daryl Morey was recently announced as president of the organization, knowing that Doc Rivers was also recently added to the Philly family, as head coach. So many changes could be made, which ones should we be expecting? Should we be expecting trades? According to ESPN, while Morey was with the Houston Rockets, the only other team that made more trades was the 76ers, Morey’s new home. The 76ers, are one team that really pisses me off to cover, and let me tell you why. On paper, should be a top team in the east, instead, they are giving us a 12-26 away record, inconsistent play, and team chemistry that just isn't there. They need change, they need to add value to their roster, make smart trades, win all trades. Seeing that Philly has been very operative during past seasons regarding trades, it's expected to see more for this upcoming season. The two stars Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons are most likely sticking together and the surrounding team gets rearranged, would it be smart to break the duo up? Morey is technically moving to a team that is quite similar to the 2019-2020 Houston Rockets, here's why. Ben Simmons is not a shooter, we know that. But, his skill to create those perimeter shots for his teammates is there, just like Russell Westbrook is for his team. The Rockets shoot more threes when Westbrook is on the court, the 76ers shoot more threes when Simmons is on the court and that's because they focus on setting up plays. The biggest move for Morey is going to be the addition of the “Big Man,” Joel Embiid, Morey has gotten used to small ball and spreading the court for Westbrooks success, but now a completely different game is going to be played. At the end of the day, I personally don't see Joel Embiid or Ben Simmons going anywhere, unless the gain is bigger than the loss. Tobias Harris, starting forward, is a player I could see them getting rid of, even though they offered a high amount of 180 million dollars on a five-year contract, he did not prove himself to be worthy of that in the 2019-2020 effort, which will make it hard for to trade him for that value. I expect things to be surprising in the future with this team, whether it's Harris or Al Horford, or a big name, I am sensing a major change. A couple of things I want to see in the future is a stronger away team, how can a team with a 31-4 home record, have a 12-26 away record. If only they can manipulate their play style at home, to their play style away, we would witness one of the strongest teams in the current NBA. I also want to see coach Rivers, utilize Embiid more as a big man. Limit the perimeter shooting, post up more often, because lord knows the dominance and strength of this man, and it's sad to see him stretch the floor as much as he does. I'm hoping to see better chemistry, not only between the main stars but between the surrounding members. I know this is a lot to ask in just one season, but the talent on this team is incredible, so if any team can do it, it's these men. Do you expect major change for the 76ers in this upcoming season? Are you surprised by the performance they gave us during the 2019-2020 campaign? Can Doc Rivers figure out what changes in their play style are needed?

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