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Until Then...

The New Orlean Pelicans haven't had the season that most of us expected after acquiring the number one pick, Zion Williamson. During preseason Zion got hurt and was expected to miss a portion of the regular season, his return date kept getting pushed back and now we wonder if he will play at all this season. Head coach Alvin Gentry is known to be a remarkable coach, but he has proven nothing but the opposite of that this season. Recently getting their first win from a 13 game losing streak leaves viewers with many questions about what this team is currently focusing on and the adjustments they need to make to turn around this unsuccessful season. With two disappointing seasons on the Los Angelos Lakers, Lonzo Ball was traded to the Pelicans with high expectations for this young, new team. But he did not deliver, being the second pick in the draft and displaying his playmaking abilities and strong defense at a collegiate level, Lonzo continues to disappoint the league as he is little help to the Pelicans. The Pelicans have dug themselves in a large enough hole where it is almost guaranteed they will not participate in the NBA playoffs this season. Zion was not the only injured player on the team but throughout the season multiple key players had to sit out due to injuries that only negatively affected their team chemistry. So their main focus is just getting Zion healthy for next season to change the face of this organization. There is absolutely no reason for Zion to play this season, to rapidly throw him in this mess. Zion has the potential to be one of the best the league has seen, but why to risk his physical health over this season, first let him fully gain his strength and skill back before letting him compete at the next level. Considering they are not playing for anything this season, let next season be his rookie campaign, a fresh start not only for him but for his team. Do you think that New Orleans should jeopardize Zion by letting him finish off the season with his team or do you think it's smart to save him for next season?

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