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NBA has fully transformed into a hotchpotch of duos battling to be the best. A wild offseason changed the whole view of the NBA.

Which duo will be preeminent?

Will any be successful?


D'angelo Russell and Stephen Curry…

First let's begin with the five time champs that experienced two disastrous situations in the 2018-2019 season playoffs. With Klay Thompson's torn ACL and Kevin Durants ruptured Achilles, Golden States season abruptly ended losing to the Toronto Raptors 4-2. During the off season the Warriors lost MVP Kevin Durant to the Brooklyn Nets amidst his injury and they discovered that Thompson will be out for a majority of the season. Golden state emerged into a state of worry without two remarkable all-stars until D'angelo Russell was shipped to Golden State as part of a sign-and-trade including KD, rekindling a certain hope in the city. This duo to some is a misinterpretation as a replacement until the splash brothers are reunited. However, the Warriors have no intentions of trading the 23-year-old all-star point guard, even when Thompson returns. Along with that they still have the forceful duo of Draymond Green and Stephen Curry which is very dominant.


Kawhi Leonard and Paul George...

Kawhi Leonard, following an NBA title with the Toronto Raptors, shocked the basketball universe by not only signing with the Clippers, but also convincing them to trade for Paul George as well. This duo can potentially be a rude awakening to the league. George and Leonard for years have showcased their ability to be two of the best wing players in the league.To only benefit this situation this might be the strongest defensive duo the NBA has seen in a while. With both players making all-defensive team years on end, their two-way capabilities should prove successful. They have a real shot to take the Clippers all the way to an NBA Championship as soon as this year.


Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant...

As stated before, Kevin Durant is mostly going to be out all season. And coming back from an injury like this, will he ever get back to the way he was? Irving and Durant are two dominant players, who are focused on finishing. Irving is one of the best ball handlers in the league, isolating himself from others. Durant on the other hand has multiple tactics to score from anywhere in any situation. However, following their past not-so-happy situations from the past year, can these two authoritative temperamental players be patient with each other?


James Harden and Russell Westbrook…

Brothers reunited in a new home, a new team, with a new chance. Following last playoffs Westbrook received a lot of hate based around his shooting deficiencies and attitude. Why does Russell attract so much hate? He's unquestionably one of the best players in the NBA, averaging a triple double season after season, creating remarkable plays, and is always defensively there for his team. Setting such high expectations for himself and those around him, people disregard what he is actually accomplishing for his team, like leading the league in assist. It was presented in the past seasons that Chris Paul and James Harden were not clicking as expected and Westbrook can potentially be that positive change that Houston is looking for. Both Harden and Westbrook are perceived as ball-hogs, from a majority of viewers. Both players are going to have to sacrifice a lot if they want a successful season. Houston is known for focusing on outside shooting, working the exterior, but that's going to have to change if they want to benefit how Westbrook works the open floor. Can these two MVP’s push the rest to their breaking point? Can they prove the media wrong?


Lebron James and Anthony Davis...

Lebron James leading a team that didn't make the playoffs? Sounds off right? An unusual season for Lebron as he joined the LA Lakers is an understatement, although all say it was a bad season for “The King”, he still recorded more points, rebounds, and assist per game than past seasons. Anthony Davis could potentially be the best teammate Lebron has ever played with. Davis is extraordinary on offense where he shines mostly around the hoop, and we cant forget that he doesn't disappoint on defense either. Can the king regain his throne? Can Anthony Davis be that weapon that helps him get back on the top?

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