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Should the "Brodie" and "The Beard" be getting worried?

Photo from Forbes

After a four-game losing streak, eight-time all-star Russell Westbrook isn't worried. Their recent game against the Los Angeles Lakers was very disappointing considering the Houston Rockets seemed to be in control for the majority of the game. The Lakers outscored the Rockets 32-17 in the third quarter, taking over. After an aggravating loss, Westbrook encourages his city by explaining, “Nobody put their head down in here,” Westbrook said. “If I see it, I’ll go grab it myself and put their head up. It’s no reason to put your head down. … There’s no reason you should ever walk out of here with your head down. I’m obviously disappointed [with] the loss, but we got bigger things in life that’s bigger than a basketball game.” A similar situation occurred against Westbrooks's former team Oklahoma City Thunder as they committed a loss after being up over ten points with only a couple minutes left. Considering Harden was 1-17 on the perimeter, the situation could've been much worse if Westbrook didn't show up with 32 points, 12 assist, and 11 rebounds. This season started smoothly for the rockets, but they seem to be stuck in a hole even with Westbrook playing very dominantly. Westbrook has scored over 30 points in the last five games including accomplishing two triple-doubles. The struggling Rockets need to find their grove again and pick up things defensively if they want to continue being a contender in the western conference. We will see how they hold up during an intense matchup against the Denver Nuggets in tonights game. Can the Rockets get back what they once had?

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