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Remarkable Rookie

Tyler Herro was drafted round 1, pick 13 with not much buildup around his name. During summer league Tyler Herro shocked the majority of viewers being one of the most preeminent rookies consecutively throughout games. Miami Heat fans began to get excited about what he can offer to a team that just recently said goodbye to legend Dwayne Wade. During this shocking and stimulating offseason, Herro was accompanied by superstar Jimmy Butler which excited the whole city. Shortly after, rookie Kendrick Nunn joined the team becoming one of Miami Heat’s most impactful players. The Miami Heat are off to one of their most successful starts as a unit, with a record of 16-6 as they hold onto the third seed in the eastern conference. Although Tyler Herro has only started in three of Miami’s games, with 28 minutes off the bench Herro is averaging 14 points, two-assist, and four rebounds. Shooting 39% from the perimeter, Herro continues to show off his efficient shooting from college. Not only has Herro shown viewers that he is a great shooter but Herro has also shown his power with attacking the basket. Among the bench, Herro is the second top scorer. Friday night's game against the Washington Wizards was a clear display of how Herro steps up into the leadership role. Veteran guard Goran Dragic sat out this past game due to an injury and Herro comfortably took over as he scored 22 points, seven rebounds, two assist, and two steals. Herro adjusted to the league very quickly as a rookie and seems to be very comfortable with the organization and his teammates. Jimmy Butler and Goran Dragic are two Allstars that play along Tyler Herro leading him through this major adjustment. Heat’s success is due to many players' contributions, but Herro has marked his place in the league as he showcases his skill consistently every game.

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