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Photos from: Detroit Free Press, Zimbio, and Pounding the Rock

“With the fourth pick of the 2020 NBA Draft, the Chicago Bulls select Patrick Williams from Florida State University,” my jaw dropped as I and many people didn't expect Willams to be taken that early. Most assumed he would go towards the start of the first round but the fourth was definitely a shock. Don't get me wrong, being a fellow Seminole, I was ecstatic and knew all he could offer to not only the Bulls but the whole league. With Isaac Okoro, Killian Hayes, and Deni Avdija still up for grabs Arturas Karnisovas and Marc Eversley clearly saw something in Willams that turned their heads. At only the age of 19, Williams has so much to offer, but also so much to improve on. The six-foot-eight, 225 pounds forward from Florida State University was averaging 9.2 points, along with four rebounds a game, and a true shooting percentage of 55.3. It wasn't only his offense which excited all of the FSU community, but Willams was one of the best defenders when on the court. While excelling defensively Williams had a steal rate of 2.5 percent along with a block rate of 5.6. Now, center, Wendall Carter Jr. has help with another rim protector. Although his rebounding, versatility, and defensive IQ are way above others who were also drafted Wednesday night, Williams still has work to do, like his turnovers and his ability to finish at the basket. With a 6’11 wingspan, Williams has the size to defend power forwards in the league. Williams shooting and defense will be a huge aid to the Bulls as we have seen them struggle from the perimeter as well as being audacious defensively. Watching Williams live at every home game, the one thing I always pointed out was his mature play style, along with his strength and dominance. Under professional training, and professional competition I believe more than anything that Patrick Williams will be a star, and we will all continue to hear his name for a while.“With the eleventh pick of the 2020 NBA Draft, the San Antonio Spurs select Devin Vassell from Florida State University,” at this point in the draft I seriously couldn't have loved FSU anymore. The Spurs had their first lottery pick in 23 years, so you know they thought long and hard about this decision. Shooting guard Vassell stands at 6’7 with a wingspan of 6’10, known to be a 3 and D player. He is quick on the floor, known as a sharpshooter, and an aggressive defender. His pull-up shot is in the works, needs to work on his finishing by the rim, and he could use some work setting up plays and creating for others, but like Williams, I'm sure as Vassell plays under head coach Gregg Popovich while getting the highest level of competition, everything will fall into place. Vassell has improved rapidly in college, which shows his willingness to take criticism and work to reach his highest potential. Most would confidently say that Vassell was one of the, if not the, best players on that 2019-2020 Seminoles team, and his statistics did back that up. Vassell averaged 12.7 points and 5.1 rebounds over 28.8 minutes per game. One thing I would like to praise about Vassell is how calm and collected he would stay during pressured situations. You seriously couldn't tell the difference between being down with three seconds left or with eight minutes left, he faced every play head-on, and never let the scoreboard or time affect his next move. With the hope of a third Seminole being drafted that night, FSU fans and teammates waited for the name “Trent Forrest,” to be called out. Unfortunately, his name wasn't called out, but it was soon after where another Nole got a chance of a lifetime. “Florida State point guard Trent Forrest is signing a two-way contract with the Utah Jazz.” Over the past four years, Forrest has been the soul of the FSU basketball program. While entering the “Tuck,” as FSU fans would call it, you noticed the effect this 22-year-old guard made on the Seminole community as many held Forrest signs, wore Forrest t-shirts, and hundreds chanted his name. Forrest was put in a very good position, this two-way contract means he will get a pay increase if he’s able to make the Jazz’s roster as opposed to a one-way contract that would pay him the same anyway. Although each NBA team gets two of these contracts each season, the opportunity to learn under star Donovan Mitchell can really take Forest to the next level. This situation is very similar to former teammate Terance Mann’s situation who benefited from the summer league. Since the summer league isn't an option for this upcoming season, the G-league can be the place where Forrest works on his skill. This past FSU team was truly full of so much talent, I really believed we had a great shot at winning our first-ever national championship, unfortunately now we will never know. This Seminole basketball program is creating major prospects, draft picks, all while keeping these boys humble and hungry to be better. This program is exactly why FSU acquired Top NBA prospect Scottie Barnes, and why Leonard Hamilton once again signed one of the top classes in the nation. Florida State just lost two lottery picks and the all-time winningest player in school history, and most still have FSU winning the 2021 ACC Championship. The Seminoles have a long future ahead of them, and I am so grateful to be able to say that I am a FSU Seminole. It's going to be super exciting going from watching these boys play at a college level, to watching them on the big stage, the biggest stage for this sport. I know Williams, Vassell, and Forrest have a spectacular future ahead of them, and I can't wait to see it.

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