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Mr.Triple Double

Photo From: @washwizards instagram

Oscar Robertson has held the triple-double record for 47 years, with 181 triple-doubles. A record that nobody thought had a chance of being broken. In other words, an impossible feat. Even the greats, such as Magic Johnson, believed this record would never be broken. Which, I get it, getting triple-doubles is not an easy task, and to get 181 triple-doubles, that would be super-natural. But Russell Westbrook did exactly that, the supernatural. This past Monday night against the Atlanta Hawks, Westbrook did the impossible as he acquired his 182nd triple-double breaking Robertson’s record and making it his own. I feel like people don't actually admire how difficult it is to achieve something like this, go search the triple-double list, look at all the active players on the list, no one is anywhere near close to Oscar Robertson and Russell Westbrook.

Photo From: Bleach Report

Russ has literally broken almost every triple-double record you could think of. He has averaged a triple-double four of the five past seasons, something no one other than Oscar has done, he has the most triple-doubles in a season, he has the most consecutive triple-doubles, and for his fourth time has recorded 700 rebounds, and 700 assists, another record he set.

Photo From: The Oklahoman

Westbrook has insane court vision, he understands everything that is happening on the floor at all times, finds the open slots, always sets up his teammates, top tear facilitator, but the assists aren't the shocking factor of this whole triple-double phenomenon. The rebounds are the main factor that highlights how amazing he is at what he does. Westbrook is a 6’3”, 200-pound point guard, averaging DOUBLE-DIGIT REBOUNDS in a league that is more athletic and competitive than ever before. Oscar had three inches on him, a bigger build than him, and was considered a big guard.

Photo From: Sports Illustrated

What Westbrook is doing right now, isn't new. During his 2016-2017 MVP season, Russ averaged 31 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists while leading the league in fourth-quarter points. This season Westbrook is averaging 22 points, 12 rebounds, and 12 assist as he leads the league in clutch points percentage, meaning he is the most efficient player in the league in the final five minutes of the game. Remember he is 32 years old, people said he was on his decline, BUT HE IS PUTTING UP MVP NUMBERS DOING EXACTLY WHAT RUSSELL WESTBROOK DOES!

Photo From: TSN

Russ is so under-appreciated. Why doesn't he get the same high regards that the other greats get? The media has never covered a player like Russ, so the only thing analysts choose to cover other than his rebounds which the media argues he steals, and his assist which they also somehow say he is selfish about (WHICH MAKES NO SENSE), is his field goal percentage by saying it's inefficient. DO YOU GUYS SEE WHAT HE IS DOING? Westbrook is the greatest PG rebounder we have ever seen, and one of the top passers in the league. The opportunities he creates for his teammates have taken this Washington Wizards team to the next level, he is giving them a chance they haven't had in a while, the chance to be in the playoffs.

Photo From: OKC Thunder Wire- USA Today

I always have this conversation with fellow sports addicts like myself, the league has changed, it's become a whole shooting game. Even though that's the game the NBA has come to, that is not Westbrooks game. He will never change his game for the media, he will always continue to be his dominant, aggressive, passionate self that we rarely see nowadays. As he continues to be disrespected and hated for the simple fact of not winning a ring, he will continue to break records, win games, and shock all viewers as he has been doing all his career. As for the ring argument, this whole past decade has been taken over by star heavy squads leaving most teams with no chance of that championship (Example: Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, and Chris Bosh on Miami, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, and Stephan Curry on Golden State, and Lebron James, Anthony Davis, and Dwight Howard on the Lakers and so much more). The fact of the matter is winning a ring should NOT be the only factor that determines a person's career, and what to say he won't win one? Stars like James Harden, Vince Carter, Carmelo Anthony, Reggie Miller, Allen Iverson, Charles Barkley, Chris Paul, and the list goes on of top-tier players who haven't won a ring. And this man is only 32, the chance of still winning a ring is there, he has two more years left on his contract, meaning he will be a free agent after that. I understand his contract is FAT ($206,794,070 for five years). No one wants to pay a 32-year-old vet that much money, but once his contract is over I believe a contender will find the right amount to acquire Russell Westbrook.

Photo From: ABC Chicago

Westbrook leaves his heart on the floor every game, you can never catechize his determination nor dedication to this game, like I've said before MAMBA MENTALITY. The fact that a championship is over-shining his 13 seasons in the NBA, nine as an NBA All-Star, a league MVP, two All-Star MVPs, two scoring titles, nine All-NBA selections, and no doubt a first-ballot Hall of Fame selection, is absolutely insane to me. Especially the fact that you guys are basically ending his career before it already ended like THIS MAN CAN WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP. He has the time, the talent, and the drive to do it.

Photo From: Sports Illustrated

Westbrook is making history, he will be in record books all around the world, our children will know him as one of the greats and here people are blind to his greatness. It is very unfortunate that people are taking for granted how truly amazing he is. Unfortunately, you guys would rather see a player make 40 points than a player get 33p, 19r, 15a games all because the shots are what's important? The perimeter shooting is what's important to you? The fact that the many assists and rebounds are getting diminished by weak perimeter shooting? It's humorous to me what the NBA mentality has become.

Photo From: Rockets Wire- USA Today

Kobe said it himself “Westbrook plays mean, plays mean just like me,” and that is true. Both of these guys, went out every game, even when injured or limited by pain, and gave their all, gave 110% of them, gave their body, mind, and soul to this craft. This is why both Russell Westbrook and Kobe Bryant will forever be in my top 3 players (Kevin Garnett being the other). I admire Russell Westbrook so much. I admire his confidence. I admire his passion. I admire his game. I admire it all. All I hope is that Russ will get the respect he deserves before it is too late.

Photo From: Time Magazine

I am so proud of Westbrook, I am so inspired by Westbrook, and I know for a fact… There is so much more left of Westbrook.

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