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How will Carmelo Anthony fit in with the Portland Trail Blazers?

After a year off from the NBA, Carmelo Anthony returns as a Portland Trail Blazer. Last February was the most recent game played by Anthony before being waived, ever since, Anthony has been working on getting back into the league. Will the 35-year-old experienced all-star step up? With the absence of injured Zach Collins, Anthony has the potential to be an actual threat on Portland. Throughout his career, Anthony averaged 24.0 points per game, however, his past two seasons did not display what he can do as he averaged 16.2 points per game and then 13.4 points per game. With the Trail Blazers not being fully confident in what Anthony has to offer, it was the best option considering their options were very limited. Carmelo Anthony has a lot of experience in the league as a player and a spectator, so not only will Anthony be benefiting them as a teammate but as a coach, a mentor. With Zach collins out because of his shoulder injury, Jusuf Nurkic with his leg, and Pau Gasol still not knowing when his debut will be made, It has been shown during this season that CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard have a lot on their shoulders as they keep losing fourth-quarter leads while being trapped. Right now they do not have a precise shooter to pass to when put in situations like this, that is where Anthony comes in. Considering the contract that Anthony signed was non-guaranteed, this allows Portland to develop with Anthony as part of the team. If unsuccessful and Anthony is not part of the roster by January the Trail Blazers won't have to owe him his full salary. Falling back in the western conference is a dangerous situation to be in considering the competition makes it very difficult to climb back up the charts. Portland is planning on playing Anthony as soon as possible while they knock him into game shape. This addition to Portland should be beneficial for the team, along with being beneficial for Carmelo Anthony. With full support from current and former NBA stars, the declining superstar is excited to be apart of a strong organization.

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