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Dear Kobe...

Photo by "The Inquisitr"

Dear Kobe,

“...I only want to be Kobe Bryant,” a quote you said and stood by.

And that's exactly what you were. It's such a comprehensible thought, that you were so authentic to yourself. You changed the league Kobe.

You had a certain drive in you, a drive that you can rarely find anywhere else. A drive that only the greats show, and you, you were a great. Not only were you one of the greatest to pick up a ball, but you were also so much more than a ballplayer.

You were a hard worker, you pushed yourself to be the best. Working daily and nightly, the whole sports world can honestly say that every minute you put in the work was worth it. Because you, you were indeed one of the best.

You were an inspiration, you inspired so many, you inspired me. You will forever be a role model and an exceptional mentor for those who play the sport or even those who don't play the sport.

You were humble. Yah, you were known to have one of the biggest egos seen in the league. But Kobe, you were humble. You cared about other people's success, you never threw the blame on anyone other than yourself.

You were a father, not just a father, a great father.

Today, you and your beautiful daughter Gianna leave this world together. It was so obvious the kind of love you two shared for each other. Kobe, she saved you… She brought you back to the game when you thought you couldn't get back to it. She made sure you ended where you started, with a love for the sport, your sport.

You were You.

A leader. A champion.

This generation and generations before will continue to share your story.

You will live on forever.

Your family will miss you.

Your friends will miss you.

The league will miss you.

The world will miss you.


One of the millions you inspired

This morning, the devastating news was released regarding a helicopter crash. A helicopter crash that held legend, Kobe Bryant, and lovely daughter Gianna Bryant. Kobe was on his way to watch what he loved being played by who he loved. Stars from all around the world continue to show their support for Kobe’s wife Venessa, family, and friends.



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