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Can The Ohio State Buckeyes Pull This Off?

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This upcoming Monday football fans from all over the nation will tune in to watch No.3 The Ohio State Buckeyes take on the No.1 Alabama Crimson Tide in the College Football Playoff National Championship. Justin Fields and The Ohio State football team already showed us what they are capable of after a shocking win against the No.2 seed Clemson in the Sugar Bowl. They are right now predicted to lose by eight points, but is it possible they can give us yet another upset?

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Alabama has one of the most or even the most premier offensive lines at every position. Wide Receiver DeVonta Smith just won the Heisman Trophy over his quarterback teammate Mac Jones who was a Heisman finalist. Running Back Najee Harris was also awarded as an All-American, really proving how offensively secure this team truly is. Alabama has scored 77 touchdowns this season which makes them the team with the most touchdowns. Their lowest score to finish a game in the past two years is 31 points, crazy right?

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One thing we do know about Ohio State is that they have a very strong defense, which can potentially slow down the most dangerous offense in college football. The Buckeyes are going to have to figure out a way to match Alabamas offense, they luckily have the talent and pace to do it. This is not the first time these two teams are meeting in a Football Playoff National Championship, it's actually the fifth time. We have seen these two teams meet in two Sugar Bowls, one Citrus Bowl, and the Championship Game. If the Buckeyes can pull this off, not only would they shock the nation but this would be the biggest underdog to win the national title in years. Do you think Ohio State can come out with a win?

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During the sugar bowl, quarterback Justin Fields took a major hit to the midsection which left viewers wondering if this can penalize his playing situation for the remainder of the season. Coach Ryan Day announces how we should expect Fields to be on the field ready to take on the Crimson Tide. Even through immense pain Fields finished that game against Clemson with 385 passing yards and six touchdowns. With a cannon for an arm, Fields proved how dominant he can be as he threw a 56-yard touchdown dime to Chris Olave against Clemson. We can talk and talk about his arm strength and his aim but another big factor into why this player is so good is not only his arms but his legs. Fields is fast, has long strides, and covers tons of ground. He has a good view of the field making it easy for him to find the slightest ruckle to gain extra yardage. Unfortunately, Fields is not in tip-top shape due to the recent hit we all witnessed, but if coach Day creates solid opportunities for him, and the rest of the team helps find a balance I see a wicked competition in our near future.

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We all know what Justin Fields can bring to the table, we've seen it before. Let's talk about his surrounding cast, Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave have to be one of the most proficient receiver duos in the nation. As a pair, the two of them acquired 70% of Ohio States' receiving yards along with 57% of its touchdown catches. Both players possess remarkable speed, along with being outstanding route runners. Alabama has an insanely good defense, but with these two you can make some moves. Can they beat Alabama through the air? They need to make it a passing game, they have those offensive weapons.

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Ohio State hasn't had the most dependable running game, but Trey Sermon has and will make a big change with that. With a 331-yard game against Northwestern and 193 yards against the Tigers, I believe they need to rely on him more. He has light feet and a sharp cutting capability that should be put to use more.

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Speed and rhythm can be the reason Ohio State wins this game. I would say it's the reason they got the win over Clemson. By finding the right spots to match the rhythm, they manipulated the time clock perfectly. They offensively have everything they need, they just need to make sure they use them correctly, taking advantage of the defense. Ohio State played a very intellectual game against Clemson, with everything else on point, the tempo will need to be used to win this national championship.

What do you think? Does Ohio State even have a chance? Will Justin Fields have another remarkable game? Is Alabama too good to beat?

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