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How Thunder will Adjust without their 11 Year Leader?

The Oklahoma City Thunder organization managed to do a 180 following their third straight first round exit in the playoffs by trading Paul George to the clippers for Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Danilo Gallinari, and 5 first round picks, as well as shipping Russell Westbrook to the Rockets for Chris Paul and 2 more first round picks.The 7 first round picks that the Thunder collected this offseason scream “rebuild” but their new roster may actually be a “retooling”. Chris Paul, despite looking like his career is declining fast, is actually still a very good player. In games where James harden didn’t play in, Chris Paul averaged 22 points per game along with 12.5 assists per game, which is awesome. So maybe Chris Paul being the “lone star” on the Thunder can yield all-star numbers for him. Also Danilo Gallinari averaged 19.8 ppg last season and they also have a polished young guard in Shai-gilgeous Alexander. Another major key to their success is Steven Adams who still a good center and still developing. Most would say that Steven Adams has not been given the opportunity to showcase his full ability as a center because of his past long term team mate Russell Westbrook. So can Russell being traded to the Houston Rockets make Steven Adams excel as a player? As most know Russell has averaged a triple double three seasons straight arguably making him the best all around point guard in the league, that being said a good amount of rebounds and shots should have been Steven Adams attempts due to situation and position. Although statistically Steven Adams would have better personal statistics without Russell, Adams and Westbrook had one of the best chemistry between a point guard and center during this past season. Although it will be very tough to make the playoffs this year due to the the west being stacked up, this OKC team is built for the several upcoming years.

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